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Case Studies - Public Sector

In 2010 GSG were invited to review an internal courier service being operated by 3 suppliers and directly employed staff on behalf of four Primary Care Trusts. The service had a number of issues including security, cost, compliance and scalability.

Working to a customer agreed service requirement the GSG team remodeled the operations and workflows. To ensure that all stakeholders would receive the service they required the GSG teams had a number of consultation meetings with clinical staff, management and suppliers. During this consultation a number of long held believes in why and how the systems operated. This consultation period enabled GSG to engage all stakeholders in new ways of operating.

This service provided transport for mail, medical records, pharmacy suppliers, clinical waste, pathology samples, bloods, laundry, people and just about every other item the 61 medical establishments it supported required.

The output of the 3-month project was a number of real and ongoing benefits, which included;

  • Reduction in number of operating routes
  • Reduction in number of post rooms by 50%
  • Increased levels of service
  • Increased security
  • Implementation of a medical records track and trace system
  • 74% of ad hoc movement requests completed on scheduled runs with no extra costs
  • All staff transferred via TUPE and retrained to current MHRA and GDP operating standards
  •  3 suppliers reduced to one
  • Cost saving of 31% on operating cost base
  • GSG awarded 3 year contract to supply services

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