GSG: Global Service Group

The people

The GSG family are a dedicated team of supply chain and distribution experts who are totally focused on service excellence.

GSG Chairman, Gordon Weston, brings over 30 years of business experience to the organisation. His working life has been spent in the business to business service sector, be it as Chief Executive of a PLC business or spearheading his own ventures.

As Managing Director, Rob Berringer has over 20 years of logistics experience across pan European and localised distribution contracts within a wide range of specialist and non specialist logistics sectors.

All GSG staff from part time sorters, to drivers and contract management, currently numbering in excess of 150 personnel, are fully aware of the importance continuous reliability and customer satisfaction.

Some of the company’s key management personal include;

Contract Manager Kerry Furmage, has extensive experience in all aspects of chill chain distribution. Her dedicated teams work under the guidelines of GDP and GMP as well as bespoke customer operating procedures where required.

Paul Fatchett is the GSG Contract Manager for the financial services sector and is responsible for service provision accross the the UK to clients where high levels of security, staff vetting and data integrity are key features.

Brian Stevens is the GSG NHS Contract Manager. Brian is responsible for providing services to the several NHS trusts involving the delivery and storage of medical records, pathology samples, blood samples, internal mail, laundry management, post room management and pharmacy support.



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